Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Benin Boogie

Here is the funky Afro-flavored cut "Vimado Wingnan" by Benin's own El Rego (also released under the alais El Rego Et Ses Commandos). This soulful gem was recently reissued as a 7" release by Daptone Records after Frank Gossner of Voodoo Funk hunt down the original release. The track also appears on the superb Analog Africa compilation Legends of Benin and will be featured on a full-length El Rego album to be released on Daptone later this year. Overall, El Rego recorded a number of amazing records during the sixties and seventies, however "Vimado Wingnan" might be the greatest of the bunch. Enjoy!

El Rego - Vimado Wingnan

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A Digital Needle said...

Brilliant! Out on Daptone? Brilliance doubled!