Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Even though a few years have past since it's release, I thought I would feature a track titled "The Little You Say" by The Revolution Of St. Vincent from one of my all-time favorite compilations in Calypsoul 70. This well crafted comp was released by Strut Records back in 2008 and features a funky collection of rare seventies-era gems from within the Caribbean region. Some of the highlights include Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra's version of Gwen McCrae’s "90% Of Me Is You", Duke's Afrobeat-flavored "Freedom in Africa", Juan Formel & Los Van Van's latin gem "A Ver Que Sale", Biosis Now's funky "Independent Bahamas", Boris Gardiner's psychedelic organ-based jam "Negril" and the superb disco cut by The Checkmates titled "Disco Groove". The compilation was compiled by Duncan Brooker, the man behind Strut’s Nigeria 70 selections. Unfortunately, this album was only released in CD/ Digital format, leaving us vinyl collectors scratching our heads. Hopefully the people over at Strut will possibly consider doing another edition of this Caribbean focused compilation in the future, with of course a vinyl format release. Regardless, there has been a number of amazing compilations that have been released over the past couple of years that have focused on this culturally and musically rich region, however there might not be a better compilation that has paid homage to the area's more dancefloor friendly gems than Calypsoul 70. Enjoy!

The Revolution Of St. Vincent - The Little You Say

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