Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boogie Fantasy

One of the songs that I dropped into my set this past Grow Up I dropped the boogie gem "You're Too Late" by Fantasy. This funky dancefloor friendly track is featured on the group's 1980 self-titled album, which I've owned for a few years now, however had for the longest time never really fully digested. After going through some of my records that I hadn't heard in a while I gave this LP another spin and discovered how much I enjoy the "You're Too Late" track along with a few other solid cuts like "Read Between The Lines" and "You Can't Lose What You Never Had". This album was produced by notable disco producer Tony Valor who has worked on other projects like Soccer and Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra. Overall, it was a nice find within my own collection. Enjoy!

Fantasy - You're Too Late

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toimi said...

lovely *

Wolter said...

Great track - thanks for doing the selector bit. These guys look like a rip off of Dr Buzzards

Anonymous said...

love it - thanks!

Tay said...

LOVE this song! Goes great with "Walk Into Sunshine" by Central Line!