Monday, October 03, 2011

Blog Update

First off, I want to apologies for the lack of updates last week. I was busy moving from San Francisco to the East Bay, therefore the move occupied most of my time. With that being said I have decided to start winding down this blog and start something new in the form on an online radio show podcast/ blog. I will keep everyone posted when I have more info regarding this new project. Regarding this blog, I'm anticipating that October will be my final month writing this blog. It's had a great run, however as you might be able to tell, I want to start focusing on Afro-Latin grooves and spiritual jazz rarities and less dancefloor material. I still love all the disco, boogie, and soul tracks that I have posted on this site for the past 5 years, however I'm looking forward to exploring new territory with the music I find myself listening to most often these days. I hope many of this site's followers will transition and follow the new site, which will function like a blog, yet include more mixes, radio shows, upcoming new releases, and reviews.


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Ra Malone said...

Good luck with new projects! We look forward to news of the new blog and radio program.


Ra Malone
(Safari Disco / Saltsugar Heat)

Me said...

love(d) your blog, sorry to see it end. great stuff, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good luck for future projects
and thank You for the music!
reading your blog has been a daily

soulie said...

Sorry ive not been in touch only i have had computer issues for the last couple of weeks.

Good luck on your new venture i sort of guessed youd be heading in that direction.

Its a shame there will be one less quality Disco,Funk,Jazz Funk orientated Blog on the block,but many thanks foe your endevours over the years.

Shit few comments for your many years of posting ah Pat,there are a lot of thankless bastards out there.

feet dont fail me now.


JasonG said...

Sorry to see this blog come to an end, but sounds like you have a good plan to keep sharing music. I've certainly gotten a lot out of your efforts, so many thanks and keep spinning the good stuff.

eclecticb said...

thanks for the time and the memories - good luck for the future!