TJ Gorton aka Pat Les StachePAT LES STACHE
Real Name: TJ Gorton
Current Location: San Francisco, California.

BIO: More than being a musician, deejay, or producer, I think I would first consider myself a music lover. Probably the only thing that excites me more than playing bass, spinning records, or writing a new song is the research and personal discovery of music. My love for music goes back all the way to probably when I was a young kid. My mother and father used to on occassion, take me along to Tower Records in Sacramento, Ca. where they would dig through and always purchase a handful of 45s and LPs to listen at home. Back then, I remember I was too short to even reach the records that sat in the shelves, however I was always excited to see what they found even though I probably had little understanding at the time for artists and music genres. Since those young days of dancing around my living room to the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, or even Wham!, my music tastes have continued to evolve and expand throughout the years with each new record or song I come across and fall in love with. I've gone through phases of entrenching myself in many different music genres. From post-punk to no wave, from italo to new wave, from funk and jazz to disco, I've continued to keep searching, learning, and most importantly listening to the great music that has been written and recorded throughout the years. I've tried to take those same philosphies and apply them to the American Athlete Blog. Even though a huge part of this blog is dedicated to disco, you will notice that I'm always trying to expand the box a little bit as to what I share on this site. I think music is something that we should never place in a box. We should always be challenging ourselves to hear new sounds, instruments, arrangements, and approaches when it comes to music. That is something that I will always be trying to do when it comes to this site, my own deejay mixes, re-edits, or even original compositions. As I continue to explore my more recent music passions of Afrobeat, Latin funk, and Afro-Cuban jazz, as well as of course disco, hopefully you'll find this blog to be helpful resource of music discovery. Turning people on to new music is something I truely love doing, and if I can successfully do that for a small number of people out there than I would consider this blog a success and one in which was well-worth doing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, or what I would like to imagine as, an endless and funky music safari.

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