Friday, May 12, 2006

Classic Unclassics

New York resident DJ, Morgan Geist, member of Metro Area and founder of Environ Records(Kelley Polar, Daniel Wang, Metro Area, etc.) released one the best re-edited Italo Disco compilations in 2004. Unclassics was a great collection of obscure "70's disco gems, that never really got the credit they deserved. Geist was tired of going to "disco club nights" and hearing "Y.M.C.A", and "Shake Your Groove Thing", especially when he knew there were all these other great underground disco records out there. This is a great "time piece", for the italo disco fan that's a little bit more disco than arpeggiated.

Play these at your next dance night:
Margueritas - Margherita (Hot Edit)
Pluton & Humanoids - World Invaders
Purple Flash Orchestra - Freedom Now (Break Edit)

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stacy said...

ha. "play these at your next dance night"

Shy Violence said...

totally good advice, i just might have to.

this is jordan by the way.

you have been posting some really sweet stuff. i especially liked the dinosaur l track.