Friday, November 10, 2006

Make The World Go Away

Here's some Electro Funk for your Friday night party:

The Hasbeens, which includes the amazing Alden Tyrell collaborating with Holland's DJ Overdose. This past August, Clone released a very limited (250 copies) of the one-sided Make The World Go Away 12-inch. This song has a very italo feel with vocoder vocals that make you feel like your on some kind of voyage in outer space. The Hasbeens say: "Trying is the first step towards failure". We are happy they tried.

The Hasbeens (feat. Alden Tyrell & DJ Overdose) - Make The World Go Away

One mind-blowing group that can't seem to find anything about is Viewlexx's Freak Electrique. It doesn't seem like anything that is released by Viewlexx is available for digital download and since Freak Electrique pretty much releases everything on Viewlexx, well you get the picture. Notice: If you have anything by Freak Electrique or any other Viewlexx artist please fill free to send my way. Don't get me wrong, I own most of their vinyl releases, we are talking about digital mp3's here. Anyways, I was browsing around the digital downloadable world and I did come up with a Freak Electrique remix of Voigt Kampff's "Skinny Cap" which saw a limited release (525 copies) early this year on Mighty Robot Recordings. This song has a classic electro funk sound that has you pulling out those African Bambaataa and Cybotron records. Do I need to say more, download this, it'll be the best decision of the week.

Voigt Kampff - Skinny Cap (Freak Electrique Recap)

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willem said...

just discovered this blog today via DJH - great stuff keep it up

Jared said...

noo! can you please re-up on the freak electrique track?

American Athlete said...

The Freak Electrique track has been fixed!

discodust said...

heard that hasbeens track on the clone mix-cd 'vintage future' yesterday and thought it's probably another old classic i've never heard of. but of course it's just alden tyrell fooling us youngsters again.

good stuff on here.