Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Clone Research

DJ Serge, Clone Records
Hailing from the Netherlands, Clone Records, owned by DJ Serge, is one of the most influential techno/electro labels around, with an artist roster that includes Dexter, Alden Tyrell, Putsch 79, Duplex, Unit 4, Adult., etc. It seems like what ever they put out lately is amazing.

Last year, Clone released one of my favorite compilations on record/CD, in "Box Jams". This collection included tracks by Tyrell, Putsch 79, Unit 4, Lindstrom, Shirley Lites, Ardath Bey, Orgue Electronique, and many more. This basically means that the next album you should own, if you don't already is "Box Jams". And there's no reason you shouldn't because it came out on CD, vinyl, and through itunes. Here are two songs to get you started:

Ardath Bey - Level 8
Pauli vs. Alden Tyrell - Little

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