Thursday, May 18, 2006

Electro-Stiffness and Chicago Swang

When Brian Chinetti aka Orgue Electronique heard Planet Rock for the first time on a local US airforce radio station he realized 1+1 = 1. The Jarre and Kraftwerk records his mother would play to make him play quietly with his toys, and this refreshing new music referred to as ‘electro’ was in essence the exact same thing: music made with synthesizers and drum computers. With the urge to make electronic music, Orgue Electronique was born. His highly acclaimed solo EP ‘Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven’(on Crème Organization). The TBH ep combined the various styles Chinetti has learned to master over the years: staccato electro-nic funk, sleazy italo disco finesse and Chi-town sexiness.

Here's your new Chi-Town jams:
Orgue Electronique - Texas Brooklyn Heaven
Orgue Electronique - Here I Come

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