Friday, May 19, 2006


Unless you live in a cave, you should be familiar with Morgan Geist of Metro Area, and Founder of Environ Records. This New Jersey native was initially inspired by England's take on the sound of Detroit, but eventually tracked techno back to its Motor City innovators. When he began listening to music, however, it was the sound of early-'80s synth heroes like Devo, Severed Heads and New Order alongside early hip-hop, jazz and 60s Hindi film soundtracks. Geist released his first 12" (via Dan Curtin's innovative Metamorphic label) while studying at Oberlin College in 1994. He formed Environ soon after, releasing his own records along with releases from Metro Area, Daniel Wang, and Kelley Polar. He also has been heavily involved with remixing tracks of artist including U.N.K.L.E., Tiga, Erlend Oye, Franz Ferdinand, and the excellent saxaphone/dub version of The Rapture's version of "House of Jealous Lovers". He also has contributed to the ever-growing italo re-edit library with his Unclassics series (see below). This is his latest release "Most of All" which features Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys.

Morgan Geist - Most of all (feat. Jeremy Greenspan)

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