Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hans is in my bedroom
... and I need a drink

Well, let's talk about "What's happening with music right now". No kids, it's not the DFA, even though I enjoy about everything they put out. Let me introduce you to Lindstrom. Born and raised on country & western music in the west coast of Norway, he now resides in Oslo making electronic music with a nerve. And running his label, Feedelity Recordings. Lindstrom is using his musical skills both when remixing and when making original work. Playing keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, and occational vocal bits. For the past few years, he has created some of the best songs that I have heard, including "I Feel Space", "There is a hot lady...", "Limitations", and the recent "Another Station". His remixing skills can't go unmentioned, with his touch on Chicken Lips' "Sweet Cow", LCD Soundsytem's "Tribulations", Franz Ferdinand's "I'm Your Villian", along with countless others. He also creates music with Oslo's "other half" Prins Thomas (see Mighty Girl 12" or Turkish Delight 12").Usually Lindstrom performs his music by playing records as a dj. Playing vinyls and cd-r's with exclusive and unreleased material, blending disco and related musical styles. He's also performs live with a small band consisting of a bass-player and a drummer, or alone using a laptop.

If you haven't had a taste yet, here is an unreleased track that I recently found called "Breakfast in Heaven", and a new Brennan Green mix of Pest og Kolera that will come out in June on Feedelity Remixed vol.1

There's now reason to be excited about living:
Lindstrom - Breakfast in Heaven
Lindstrom - Pest og Kolera (Brennan Green Saucey version)

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