Monday, June 12, 2006

Juan is in the Air

Juan Maclean in Seattle,Wa. Feb2006Well, no introduction is needed for DFA powerhouse The Juan Maclean. In the past few years he has given us some of the most amazing "human meets robots on the dancefloor" gems, including "By The Time I Get to Venus", "Give Me Every Little Thing", "Tito's Way", and the under-rated "I Robot". However, his 2005 debut album Less Than Human showcased a different side of Maclean, songs built on atmospheric layering and beautifull landscapes. Some dancefloor enthuisists were probably dissapointed with the lack of punch and dancefloor playability that "By The Time I Get to Venus" provided. However, many (including myself), thought it was a definite masterpeice, that showcased a beautifull insight to human-sci-fi-dance-music.

One of the standout songs on Human After All, was "Love is the Air". This was a track that I found myself listening to more and more as time went on, eventually becoming one of my favorite tracks on the album. Therefore, I was pleased to hear when The Juan Maclean were going to release a 12-inch single of the song that includes remix's by Mock & Toof, Strategy, and Caro. I knew if these remix's were just half as good as the ones that are present on the "Give Me Every Little Thing" and "Tito's Way" singles, we were in for another great release. The good news was that my was gut-feeling was right and "Love is the Air" 12-inch turned out to be another stellar release that added the dancefloor beats to an already amazing song. Dancefloor enthuisists can now get back in-line.

The Juan Maclean - Love Is In The Air (Mock & Toof Remix)
The Juan Maclean - Love Is In The Air (Strategy Remix)

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