Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let's break away, take a chance...

Mr Flagio's original 12-inch of ''Take A Chance'' is the absolute essence of Italo disco featuring phased vox and an immense bassline. Originally released in 1983 on ZYX Music, the song was later released on Cosmic Explorer. If your trying to describe the italo sound, this song is about as classic as they come. I don't think a single song has used the vocoderized harmony vocals better (sorry Daft Punk). Prediction: This song will make it into your next set list.

Mr. Flagio - Take a chance

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gomson said...

I really love this song from Mr.Flagio. :)
and anyone interested can find it in Cosmic Explorer (I believe harder to find) or in Disco Galaxia Compilation (wiith some very good Italo tracks also).

Congratulations for your blog.

Scott said...

After Marlena Shaw's 'California Soul', this is definately my favourite track ever!! Good choice!!