Monday, June 19, 2006

Remix Me Away

Goldfrapp has released about as many remix's in 2006 as they have released original cuts. This is definately isn't anything to complain about when you can recruite Serge Santiago, Carl Craig, Ewan Pearson, and the DFA (Just to name a few). This is also great news for me, since I can't say I'm a huge-huge fan of their originals. However, their recent collection of fantastic re-edits have me buying more Goldfrapp 12-inches that I could have imagined. DFA's recreation of "Slide In", is definately the one of the best remixes they have ever produced, and Carl Craig holds up his part by dropping another gem (not suprising to say the least). For a person that wasn't a huge Goldfrapp fan coming into 2006, I am definately impressed with their recent releases.

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