Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vision never sounded so good...

2020soundsystem2020Soundsystem pretty much touch all the bases, mixing up electronic music with indie, punk and electrofunk. Featuring Ralph Lawson, Dubble D and the various members of Silver City (Check these guys out as well), this production team does an interest job in combining Berlin meets Detroit meets New York techno disco without losing the electrofunk. It almost at times reminds me of the same kind of diverse sound Denmark's WhoMadeWho produce. "No Order" is the first single off of their debut album, released on their 2020 vision label. The personal favorite here has to be the B-side track, consisting of the Discoteque Dub version of "No Order", which drops the vocals and adds a more italo feel. The album cut "Tape" is a darker synth driven odyssesy that is a perfect compliment to "No Order". Keep your eyes open in 2006 on this group for a possibly break through year.

2020soundsystem - No Order (Discoteque Dub)
2020soundsystem - Tape

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