Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chromed Out inside the Mezzanine

EctomorphIn San Francisco, all the talk is about Canadian electro rockers MSTRKRFT(See Below), as they perform tonight at the Mezzanine. However, included on that bill are two great opening acts in Solvent, and Ectomorph that also deserve some attention. Legendary Detroit producer, Ectomorph (aka Brendan M Gillen) who I'm really interested to see, first appeared on the Interdimensional Transmissions debut release in 1995. Ectomorph functions as a collective with ever changing members and nameless contributors(including Liquid Liquid's Sal Principato) revolving around main conduit Gillen. Ectomorph's XXX / Chromed Out 12-inch release last fall was a solid combination of experimental house music and live instrumentation. After listening, I'm sure you'll have even more reasons to attend tonights amazing dance party.

Ectomorph - Chromed Out
Ectomorph - XXX

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looks like somebody did some research