Monday, July 24, 2006

Waking up in Berlin

Daniel Wang - Berlin SunriseDaniel Wang first became exposed to the underground dance club scene while attending college in New York and Chicago. Instead of focusing primarily on his college courses, he would go out and dance to early house music and disco classics. Dissatisfied with modern nightlife music, Wang started Balihu Records in 1993, where he released his take on Electro House and Italo Disco. He later joined forces with Morgan Geist's Environ label to put out the full length CD Idealism. He also went on to release songs off of Basenotic, Playhouse, and Eskimo Recordings. His 2004 release of Berlin Sunrise off of Ghostly International is a personal downtempo favorite of mine that is not neccesarily meant for the dancefloor, but for the high energy cool down.

Daniel Wang - Berlin Sunrise (Die Nacht)

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