Friday, July 28, 2006

Working for the Weekend

It's Friday, so I'm just going to posted some classics to get you through the Hot! weekend:

Chicago based Virgo, which consists of now the legendary house pioneer's Adonis, Marshall Jefferson, and Vince Lawrence, teamed up to put out the classic record Free Yourself 12-inch in 1986 off of the famous Chi-town label Trax Records. The B-side track of "My Space" exactly captures the Chicago acid house scene of the mid-1980's. An instant classic!

Virgo - My Space

In 1982, Sun La Shan dropped the classic Italo gem "Catch" on Superradio Records. This song was produced by Franco Scopinich and L. Scopinich who also did some work on the legendary italo label XYZ.

Sun La Shan - Catch (dub)

Another classic Italo gem that was dropped in 1982, was Dharma's 12-inch single Plastic Doll. Released on System Music Records and then later on Italian based Italo label XYZ, this song is one of the hidden classics of this era of music.

Dharma - Plastic Doll (Instrumental)

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GZL said...

doooder. you commented on my blog about that arthur russell track. i realized after posting it that it may have been an unreleased edit from my dfa cohorts i wasnt allowed to be releasing. ill get more info on that track and maybe i can send to you if you keep it dl. your blogs kicks ass dude. the shit you post is massive. love it tons.