Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Ready

Kano debuted back in 1980 with the 12" single "It's A War." The production duo of Pulga, Luciano Ninzatti and Matteo Bonsanto created a sound that served as a bridge to electro and the breakdance culture of the early 80's.
The second 12" single off of legendary Emergency Records was the italo classic "I'm Ready." By far in my opinion, the best Kano song of all-time, this song became a huge club hit in both America and overseas. Kano later went on to release many other classics like "Now Baby Now" and "Cosmic Voyager". However, nothing hits me quite like "I'm Ready".

Kano - I'm Ready

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ride said...

Play this back-to-back with Chicken Lips - You're Not Ready Yet.

We like your blog & will link to it


American Athlete said...

Yes, I agree, however this song back-to-back with any chicken lips song would probably be pretty good.