Monday, August 28, 2006

Electonic Love Boogie

Here are a couple records I have purhased recently:

Electronic Boogie Band - Electro Boogie EP

This is a really good EP that sounds like a mixture between early Chicken Lips and the new Booka Shade record. This record was recently released off of the Deep Freeze label. I highly recommend buying this album, if you come across it in your local record store.

Electronic Boogie Band - Electro Boogie

2020soundsystem - Your Love/The Chase

First of all, it's been a huge year for the 2020soundsystem guys with the recent releases of the No Order and Grey Clouds 12-inch's. However, a record that can't be ignored in the middle of their growing collection is the Your Love/The Chase 12-inch that saw the 2020soundsystem re-record two dance classics: Giorgio Moroder's "The Chase" and Frankie Knuckles "Your Love". It's hard to beat the originals, however, these two tracks definately stand strong on their own.

2020soundsystem - Your Love

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Ben said...

Thankyou so much for posting the 'Your Love' cover, I was away to rip and post it today and now I don't have to! I love this online synchronisity! (may I add your blog to my sidebar?)

American Athlete said...

Glad you like it! Go ahead and link me up!

Take care.