Friday, September 01, 2006


Telex, has always been a "give-and-take" band for me. There's so much that I enjoy, however so much that I don't necessarily understand, even though that was probably their intention. This Belgian trio came together in 1978 when radio DJ/jazz musician Marc Moulin, programmer/sound engineer Dan Lacksman and vocalist Michel Moers set out to form an all-electronic disco pop band. Telex went on to make five albums, and many of their 12-inch singles like Moskow Diskow, Brainwash, Twist A Saint Tropez achieved cult status in the clubs, especially in America. Their career as performers hit an unparalleled peak when they entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980, and performed for millions of stunned viewers a synth+vocoder song appropriately entitled "Eurovision", which actually talked about the fact that they were performing on the Eurovision.

Here we have a few amazing remixes remixes from Lindstrom, and Playgroup, along with a cult classic original.

Telex - Do I Worry? (Lindstrom Remix)
Telex - On The Road Again (Playgroup Remix)
Telex - Brainwash

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