Thursday, August 10, 2006

Your Dancing
With Your Back Against Me

Question of the day - Who doesn't love Erlend Øye?

After his guest appearances on Röyksopp's Melody AM LP back in 2002, it seems like Erlend Øye's love affair for Electronica/Dance music has started showing up in just about every 'Electronic project' that is looking for a vocal collaboration. Øye has added his magic touch to Star You Star Me, Hell, Morgan Geist, Phonique, Kaos, and most recently, the new James Figurine album.

He also has kept busy with his own musical projects, The Whitest Boy Alive, Kings of Convienence, and my personal favorite, his electronic solo project, which can be heard on the 2003 release Unrest.

With all the projects, guest apperances, and guest DJ sessions, I'm definately not complaining. I don't think there has been an intriguing voice like Øye's since probably Arthur Russell. I'm sure alot of people will dissagree with me on that, however everyone will agree that the addition of Erlend Øye only makes a song better.

His collaboration with Star You Star Me's 2004 12-inch single "A Place In My Heart" is one my personal favorites. The song captures Øye and SYSM at their best. One listen and you will be putting your resources together to get Erlend on your next release.

Star You Star Me - A Place In My Heart (feat. Erlend Øye)

Röyksopp's Poor Leno vs. Erlend Øye's There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (A Capella)(Smith's cover)

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Chente said...

Thanks, I like his vocals, but never came up with the idea of checking out if he made other stuff!