Friday, September 15, 2006

Me For Real

One thing should be known by now; This blog loves anything produced, written, or composed by the late Arthur Russell. There is something about his music that generally compliments my mood at any point of any given day. Audika Records recently released a new collection of unreleased Arthur Russell tracks entitled, Springfield, which you can download a radio rip of the DFA remix of the title track from the previous blog "Looking For The Perfect Beat". Along with the Springfield release, Another Thought, which was orginally released in 1994, has now seen a re-release by Orange Mountain Music. Another Thought is a amazing collection of Arthur Russell solo tracks, which include classic tracks like "Keeping Up", "Me For Real", and "In the Light of the Miracle". At times, a bit more minimal than other projects(Dinosaur L, Felix, Indian Ocean, Loose Joints) he has been involved in, which creates a true tribute to the nature of what Arthur Russell's solo career was all about - imperfect beautiful pop music. If your a fan of the Calling Out of Context album, you should definately give this album a listen.

Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
Arthur Russell - Me For Real

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Ben said...

That disc is utterly sublime, rarely a week goes past when it's not on play. Long live the Russell revival!

stacy said...

Yea!!! The Best!