Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Everybody Tango

Todd Terje AKA Tangoterje
Tangoterje, is a re-edit project by the one and only Todd Terje. Terje doesn't take your typical "dancefloor" songs and add a bass drum and a clap track. His re-edits tend to sound completely different than his solo work that he releases on Full Pupp. He tends to choose very modern, almost "cheese-y" songs and adds his Scandinavian flavour. For example, Tangoterje has release re-edits of artists like Paul Simon, Chaka Khan, Titanic, The Turtles, Curtis Mayfield, Kraftwerk, and YES! Michael Jackson. At first I didn't know if I was going to like these new edits, and through one listen of most of them, I was completely hooked. I find myself scrambling to find all the Tangoterje 12-inches. He is one of the first producers in my mind that has taken all the best qualities of some of these(not all) "cheese-y" cuts and made them gold. Give it a listen and you will probably be hooked too.

Tangoterje - I Can't Help it (Michael Jackson Cover)
Tangoterje - Get It On (Prelude Cover)
Tangoterje - Macumba (Titanic Cover)

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Unknown said...

bent does the re-edits up right also. great site you have here!