Monday, February 12, 2007

Nights Of The Elephant

In 2005, Prins Thomas released one of my favorite "re-edit" records entitled Diskomiks EP. This amazing release came out on Rong Music and has since been re-released on a couple of occassions. The A side consists of re-edited version of Matsubara's "S.O.S. (Society of Soul)", along with his original cut of "Tempest Trio". The B side of the record is just as good with Prins' take on Amon Düül II's "Da Guadeloop", which he re-titled "Guade Loop". This Nu Disco record concludes with the re-edit of Kikrokos' "Jungle DJ", re-titled "Nights Of The Elephant". If your like me and your unfamiliar with the orginals, don't be discouranged or turned off by this project, this is definately Prins Thomas at his finest.

Prins Thomas - Sos
Prins Thomas - Nights Of The Elephant

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M.E. Grant said...

I've enjoyed this blog since discovering it a couple weeks ago. It seems I have an ally in discovering the dance music I've come to love recently.