Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It Isn't Rong,
If It Doesn't Feel Right

While browsing the different sections of my neighborhood record store, Platinum Records (in Seattle, Wa.), I came across Mudd's 54B 12". What caught my eye wasn't the fact that this record was produced by the talented Paul Murphy, or the fact that the 12" was released last year by Rong Music, which is an amazing label. What made interested in the record initially was that Rune Lindbæk, contributed a remix, and if one thing is certain in this world of uncertainites is what ever Linbaek puts his hands on, it's destined to be a musical gem. After listening to the record, the 12" definately became the find of the evening. Not only does Rune Lindbæk add his cosmic disco touch, but the orginal is just as good, once again proving that both Paul Murphy and Rune Lindbæk are amazing producers, and this is one record that is a must for your collection.

Mudd - 54B
Mudd - 54B (Rune Lindbæk Remix)

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chris keys said...

I'm a big Mudd fan and this 12" is incredible, really really beautiful, not sure how it passed me by, gonna try get one right now... thanks :)

MBKKR said...

Damn you got some great stuff on your blog. I really liked this one from Mudd. Thanx