Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Full Kosmetisk

One of my favorite records from last year was Magnus International's Kosmetisk 12". This amazing disco house record was released off of Prins Thomas 's Full Pupp label, which is by far becoming one of my favorites among it's genre. Magnus International, which consists of Magnus Sheehan also helped co-write and produce 2005's Hjul Meg Ut 12" with Blackbelt Andersen and Kalle Risan Sandaas, under the aliase Kalle, Magnus & Daniel. This release is my personal favorite so far of both Magnus Sheehan and my favorite Full Pupp release since Prins Thomas's Goettsching 12". I'm sure alot of you would disagree with that observation, however, you will agree that Kosmetisk is an amazing record.

Magnus International - Kosmetisk

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DannyBlue said...

Nice tune American