Friday, March 09, 2007

Getting Around To It

Tracey Thorn has definately started the year off right. Everything But The Girl's front woman released one of the hottest singles of '07 in "It's All True" (see Escorting Tracey), which got the much deserved remix treatment from Escort, Martin Buttrich, and Kris Menace. Along with the new single she just released her new solo album entitled Out of the Woods, which is a little hit-and-miss with me, however I will give a few more listens before calling the jury out on it. However, the standout track in my opinion is the Arthur Russell cover of "Get Around To It". This already amazing-amazing song get's some nice treatment from Thorn, which includes a nasty bass-line and a great horn outro. Hopefully this song will bring some mainsteam attention to the much deserved, Arthur Russell.

Tracey Thorn - Get Around To It
Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Kris Menace Remix)

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Steve said...

Cheers; I can't wait to hear these.

SFB said...
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SFB said...

Man! You've been posting some fantastic stuff this month. My favorite so far is the Escort. I purchased it at Taxsource.

I got a post up about your label and show coming up along with a couple MP3s. My translator is on a short hiatus producing his own music, so I'll have him translate that interview as soon as he comes back to earth. If not, I'll just post it in English next month and let him get to it when he can.

Good luck on with the show. I'm going to encourage my girl friend to go and support you guys. Can't complain about the line up! Wish I were there….back in August.