Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Like Moroder

This past year Jupiter Black payed tribute to one of their all time favorite producers, Giorgio Moroder with their 12-inch single We Like Moroder which saw a release off of Clone Records. Now this debut single from John Jupiter & Michael Black gets a much deserving remix from Divider, and Starcluster. These remixes definately take the song from good to really good. The Divider remix appered on Clone's Recloned CD, however the 12-inch remix single should be released soon.

And why not throw in some Moroder tracks while I'm at it:

Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder (Divider remix)
Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Funk With You Tonight
Giorgio Moroder - Utopia (Todd Terje Edit)

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Matthias said...

Todd Terje always makes great edits! wow!

Anonymous said...

great blog, great music... sharing is the essence of life!!!

would you be so kind and post back the increidible Jupiter Black - We like Moroder (Divider Remix) The link is broken...