Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's Make Love In Public Places

We'll I'm leaving town to visit some relatives on the east coast for the rest of the week, so this might be the last post until next Tuesday (07/24).

Anyways, in 1978 The Love Symphony Orchestra, which is produced by Mitch Farber released the 12-inch, "Let Me Be Your Fantasy". This ten-plus minute disco classic originally was released on the Penthouse Presents The Love Symphony Orchestra LP. The song features vocals by Farber and Diva Gray. This song reminds me of a Prins Thomas edit mixed with a touch of classic Cerrone production. Definitely a classic disco masterpiece.

Love Symphony Orchestra - Let Me Be Your Fantasy

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Tim said...

you've been killing it since day one, man. thanks for maintaining such a nice blog!

John said...

are you in love with thomas? ;-)

james seth said...

all links down... ?