Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Love Attack

In 1979, Ferrara released the album Wuthering Heights off the small New York label, Midsong International Records. This was a solid disco record that showcased a hint of italo while featuring the standout track "Love Attack". This song was later released as the B-side to Ferrara’s debut 12-inch single that year, Shake It Baby Love. The single also saw it’s own spotlight around the same year, with the single being released by italo disco label JDC Records. I was lucky to find this record recently for two dollars in a budget bin. After one listen, I knew I found a gem. It’s always worth looking through records all day to find such a classic.

Ferrara - Love Attack

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Anonymous said...

good song - i have it too! i always hoped it would be related to some kind of disco version of kate bush's song...

Anonymous said...

post the set!

post it! post it! post it! :)