Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Popular People's Music

The Popular People's Front has been releasing great re-edits for the past few years. Some of these edit's include Chaka Khan & Rufus' "Stop on By", The Undisputed Truth's "Showtime", along with re-edits of classic songs by Evelyn King, Carly Simon etc. These self-released re-edit records are much like the releases on Noid Records, with information of the original track is extremely hard-to-find. Here's an edit titled, "I Love Only You" off of The Popular People's Front EP Sample Pleasures Part 1. I can't figure out who did the original, however it does sound really familiar - feel free to let me know. If you love disco re-edits like I do, I highly reccommend checking out The Popular People's Front.

The Popular People's Front - I Love Only You

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MikoĊ‚aj said...

great one!greetz!

Sveinbjorn said...

The original was sampled by Daniel Wang, for the song "Housedream".

Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

Great blog. Thanks for all the great tuneage. Peace

Anonymous said...

Their visit to Beats in Space was really great, I'd been meaning to check out more of their stuff. Thanks!

Michel, Isabelle, Lion, Otto... said...

hi, thanx for all the great stuff... isn't this an edit of Double Exposure's "My love is free"?