Monday, September 17, 2007

Disco Pleasures

The Popular People's Front have put together a nice collection of disco re-edits the past few years. One of the edits that I've been listening to a lot lately has been the track, "Eye For Eye" off of last year's 12-inch release Sample Pleasures (Part 2). This release saw new artists Gat Camp & Gilen Nadlie contribute alongside the PPF(The Popular People's Front) boss man Leozero. I'm not exactly sure where the original or originals that where sampled for this track were taken from, however I do know that the edit, "Eye For Eye", is a disco heavyweight that can definitely move the dancefloor. There's no secret that The Popular People's Front know how to put together some solid disco edits.

The Popular People's Front - Gilen Nadile: Eye For Eye

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Unknown said...

What an amazing groove! Thanks TJ...

osses said...

but it is some part from Costandinos Romeo and juliet!