Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Running Away

In 1977, the soul-jazz funk king, Roy Ayers, put his influential touch on disco with the classic track "Running Away". This disco-funk gem was released as a 12-inch single off of Polydor, and was Ayer's response to his loyal funk/disco following after much of the jazz community lost it's interest in his newer, "less-jazz" oriented productions. This song, which was also released on the Lifline LP, turned into a huge club hit and became one the most popular singles of his career. Here is the extended disco mix that was featured on the 12-inch single.

Roy Ayers - Running Away

PS - I(TJ Gorton) have just been added to the Roy Ayers show at the Nectar here in Seattle. I will be opening up the night along with spinning in-between acts, playing my usual blend of disco/italo mixes. Don't miss it!

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Unknown said...

I discovered your blog recently and have huge respect. Keep up the good work!

This tune is an all-time classic

Graham Lee

Mascara Jones said...

Excellent blog...Thank you so much for all the work you put into it...