Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Don't Know If It's Right, But Probably

One of my favorite disco re-edit 12-inch's of all-time hase to be The Popular People's Front's white label release of Limited Series 01. On this three track single, PPF re-edit Rufus & Chaka Khan's 1974 slow grooving jam "Stop On By", The Undisputed Truth's 1979 disco classic "Show Time", and the best re-edit that I've ever heard of Evelyn Champagne King's "I Don't Know If It's Right". I've always been a fan of the originals, however PPF take each song to the next level, for example, "I Don't Know If It's Right" is an amazing song, however the verse break downs always killed it for me, and this re-edit just removes it and goes from the chorus right into the song's funky bridge. PPF does very slight edits to all three of the songs, making these great songs into classic disco gems. If you get the urge to purchase a re-edited disco release, The Popular People's Front's Limited Series 01 should definitely be that record.

Evelyn Champagne King - I Don't Know If It's Right (PPF Re-edit)
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Stop On By (LeoZero Edit)

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Nelson Gomes said...

Just love this 12"! Killer!

Anonymous said...

Edits to listend to and rated:
1. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Stop on By
2. Undisputed Truth - Showtime
3. Evelyn King - Don't Know ... Right
Nothin spectacular here, IMO. Also, the Rufus & Chaka tune is pitched up too much on this edit for my taste. It's the original sleazy tempo that adds to the beauty of this song.

Enjoyed the previous posts featuring Double Exposure, Black Ivory, Lenny Williams & Bunny Sigler...

Unknown said...

superb,many thanx!!