Monday, October 01, 2007

Miami Sound Machine

One of my favorite George McCrae singles to play out is "Don't You Feel My Love" originally off the 1979 LP We Did It. This soulful disco classic intially struggled as an LP single, however after receiving an extended remix by Steve Thompson and Michael Arato for a 12-inch release, the song eventually caught on with DJ's and became McCrae's most commercially successful 12-inch of his career, once again spearheading the whole "Miami Sound" that he became known for innovating. Another solid single from the guy who brought us the unforgettable single "I Get Lifted".

George McCrae - Don't You Feel My Love (12" version)

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beta said...

bigger than "Rock Your Baby"?

Pat Les Stache said...

Probably not over the long haul, however this 12" single I believe at the time, broke more in as a "commercial success", probably due to the success of his first big single "Rock Your Baby". Even though I believe "Rock Your Baby" is the single that George McCrae well forever be known by.

M said...

well, "Rock Your Baby" was in 1974, five years before this one; he was a well-established disco performer by this point. ("RYB" was also a No. 1 pop single, widely believed to be the second-ever disco No. 1, after the Hues Corporation's "Rock the Boat." it's also one of my favorite records of all time.)

Pat Les Stache said...

It is also one of my favorite albums of all-time. I think I was trying to make the point that he re-stablished himself with this single.