Thursday, October 25, 2007

Circus! @ Pony Tonight!!!

If your looking for some sleazy-cosmic-italo-disco, then Pony is the place to be tonight. It's another installment of Circus!, where H.M.A.(AKA Terry), El toro(AKA Kirk), and I(AKA TJ Gorton) turn Pony into a sleazy 70's discothèque. With the unfortunite upcoming closing of Pony, there will only be a couple of these nights left until we can find a new home for Circus!, so please come out, sweat, dance, and get your cosmic groove on!

Here's some music to get you started for tonight:

In 1980, Canadian producer Gino Soccio, released the LP S-Beat. In many people's opinion this was most likley Soccio's weakest full-length album in an astonished career full of classic releases and productions. This record seemed to not have the multiple dancefloor gems that his other albums, Outline, Closer, and Face To Face possessed. However, the album wasn't a complete bust, it did feature "I Wanna Take You There" which is a dancefloor gem that has a very classic "Soccio" feel to it. The song is a lot different than anything else off of S-Beat, and almost sounds like it was a cut left off of the Outline record. Regardless, it's great a track, making it worth owning the S-Beat record.

Gino Soccio - I Wanna Take You There

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

TJ: Nice meeting you last night. Loved the set. Many thanks for the Club Cabana 12" vinyl... I'm in town fairly often and can hopefully make it to more of your nights.