Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Disco Fizz

One of the greatest and most innovative disco/italo producers of all-time is Celso Valli. Valli has been a part of so many influential disco projects including Tantra, Azoto, and Passengers, along with helping arrange Peter Richard's italo classic "Walking in the Neon". One of his greatest pieces of work has to be Azoto's 1979 classic LP Disco Fizz. This record featured italo gems "Anytime or Place", "Soft Emotion", "San Salvador", and "Exalt-Exalt". Basically, there isn't a bad song on this five song LP. A few 12-inch releases came off this LP including the most popular single, San Salvador, which also featured an amazing instrumental version of the song. Even though this project only released two LP's and a handful of singles in it's very short existence, everything was solid and became highly influential within the growing italo community. Now if I can only get my hands on a few of those original LP's.

Azoto - Soft Emotion
Azoto - Anytime or Place

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Corby Tender said...

Thanks. Really enjoying this.

Buck said...

I really love the cover!