Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Touch Me Where It's Hot

In 1980, Peter DiMilo and George Cucuzzella's disco outfit, Erotic Drum Band, released their second LP entitled, Touch Me Where It's Hot on Prism Records. This record was recieved with mixed reviews and poor record sales compared to their debut album, Plug Me To Death. Even though fans of this heavily percussion influenced disco group were somewhat disappointed by the band's follow-up release, the Touch Me Where It's Hot LP wasn't a complete bust. One of the few highlights off of this record, in my opinion, is the solid disco anthem classic "Everybody Get Dancin'". This solid lp cut could be my favorite of all the Erotic Disco Band tracks. Where their first LP, Plug Me To Death is more solid than their follow-up as a whole album, "Everybody Get Dancin'" seems to be a better song than any individual tracks on both records. I agree that outside of this one track, Touch Me Where It's Hot is probably mediocre at best, however, in a period where many disco LP's consisted of only four or five tracks at most, one classic cut could make it worth it to own the entire LP. And because of that, Touch Me Where It's Hot still makes a nice addition to anyone's disco record collection.

Erotic Drum Band - Everybody Get Dancin'

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Unknown said...

Nice. I still prefer Plug Me to Death, but this one sounds pretty good...