Friday, October 05, 2007

Official Hump! 3 Soundtrack

And because it's Hump! 3 weekend, here is the perfect soundtrack for the evening - Prins Thomas' Re-edit of Tony Silvester's 1976 erotic disco classic "Pazuzu". Originally released on Tony Silvester & The New Ingredient's Magic Touch LP. This song is a cult classic, and as far as songs that were meant for the 1970's adult film industry, there is no better.

Tony Silvester - Pazuzu (Prins Thomas Re-edit)

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Unknown said...

Holy shit. This track is amazing. Love Unlimited Orchestra meets Xaviera Hollander. Euro Sexo Disco, who knew?

Mr Glass said...

Bang on track and a wonderful piece of majic PT adds, Im diggin most of his reworkings I come across. Love your blog. We have just launched our own over the past couple of days. Its a bit rusty but given a few weeks it will be shinny shinny and packed with treat... Cheers Mr Glass soulshaker sydney Australia.