Thursday, October 04, 2007

Second Hand Goldmine

This past June I visited New York for the first time. While I was there I happened to stumble into a record store called Secondhand Rose, which at first impression I thought this store might have your usual selection of Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones collectibles. I had some time to kill that day, therefore I thought I would browse for a few minutes and see if anything would catch my eye. Well, my first impression of this store couldn't have been more wrong. Yes they had the Beatles and Dylan records, but they also were the first record store I have every seen to have an "Italo Disco" section, along with enough Salsoul, Westend, and Unidisc 12-inches to make me literally shit myself. Not to mention this also was the store that I found my original copy of Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4(my all-time favorite record). I walked out of there with 12-inch singles and LP of artists like Giorgio Moroder, Kano, Double Exposure, Gino Soccio, Salsoul Orchestra, etc.

Another great record that I walked away with that day was Capricorn's 1980 12-inch single Maybe No/Pow Pow Pow. This was a project started by Claudio Simonetti of the early italo group Easy Going. And anytime you find a Capricorn record, you don't have to think to much to buy it. Their records are classics and extremely rare.

I definitely know that everytime I go to New York, I will definitely be putting some time aside to go browse for hidden gems at Secondhand Rose.

Capricorn - Pow Pow Pow

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Gaëtan said...

THIS BLOG ROCKS. Great inspiration for my home-parties! THAAAAAANX!

soulbrotha said...

Hi. Great blog! Funny thing about Secondhand Rose. I find them to be way overpriced (I live in NYC). I couldn't believe some of the prices, plus "Rose" acted more like a stinkweed! Her husband was the complete opposite; very kind a courteous. Rose acted like she was doing me a favor. She was so rude that I have never gone back there since. Glad you had a pleasant visit anyway! :)

Pat Les Stache said...

Soulbrotha -

I agree that they are a bit over priced on some of the records.

However, as far as people they were nice to me, but I can see how Rose could come off having an attitude at times.

TSSR said...

Brilliant blog! Surprised I only discovered it today. Sounds like you got a good haul from that place! E2-E4 is a great record. Also of note is the fact that Claudio Simonetti, as well as being a wizard producer and mastermind behind italo-disco beauties Capricorn, Easy Going and Crazy Gang he was also a founding member of Prog overlords, GOBLIN!