Friday, November 09, 2007

Club Cabana 12", On Sale Now!!!

TJ Gorton - Club Cabana I(TJ Gorton) recently released my new 12-inch single titled, Club Cabana. This new Beat Freeze Records release features a solid remix from Hector Works' label boss Anthony Mansfield. Instead of giving myself a review of my own record, you can read what Word and Sound said about the new single:

"Some serious disco funk heat coming all the way from the Pacific Northwest on this blazer from Beat Freeze and TJ Gorton. "Club Cabana" is a hot percussive workout that flawlessly mixes old and new school vibes, with chunky drums, a sick bassline and cool synth washes getting the dancefloor all hot and bothered. You definitely wouldn't be wrong to find this one in a DJ T or Prins Thomas set. On the flip SF's Anthony Mansfield lets loose with his own remix that houses the proceedings up a bit with some cool synths and cut-up vocal samples. Excellent stuff from these new-school disconauts."

Here is some music samples for you listening pleasure:
TJ Gorton - Club Cabana (Whole MP3 track)
TJ Gorton - Club Cabana(Anthony Manfield Remix) (MP3 Sample)

You can purchase this record at many fine record shops, including these:
Juno Records
Clone Records
Tweekin' Records
Underground Solution

For Retailer's you can pick up the new single from these distributors:
Word and Sound

Please fill free to post the tracks and spread the word! Enjoy!

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DJ BWYSE said...

Congrats man hope it does well. Peace

Enrique said...

I may have commented on the subject before, but I really love this new track. Definitely going to hit it during my Saturday night set.