Thursday, November 08, 2007

A New Dutch Rhythm

Felix Haaksman recently released a new 12" single under his known alias, Dutch Rhythm Combo, titled Bonaire. The single was released as a series of two 12-inches and one 7-inch consisting of numerous remixes. Some of the people doing the remix treatment consists of Blackjoy, Al Usher, Maximilian Skiba, and Soul Village, a nice solid collection of producers to say the least. The mix that touched me the most was Maximilian Skiba's, taking the laid back original, and turing it into a funky nu-disco boogie. The other mixes aren't anything to sleep on as well, each one taking the shape of each remixer. A solid new effort from this upcoming German producer.

Dutch Rhythm Combo - Bonaire (Maximilian Skiba Remix)
(MP3 Temporarily taken down due to Artists' discretion, sorry!)

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b.cuz said...

Real nice!