Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Rhythm Of Spandisco

Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band was a project put together by record producer Michael Zager, a New Jersey native that contributed to numerous disco hits during the 1970's. Along with working with his own projects like Michael Zager & The Moon Band, The Michael Zager Band, and Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band, he worked on several other records including Andrea True Connection's 1977 LP White Witch, The Detroit Spinners's 1979 LP Dancin' and Lovin', and Cissy Houston's 1978 classic Think It Over. However Love Childs Afro-Cuban Blues Band, which was later changed to the shorter more marketable Afro Cuban Band, was where Zager produced some of his best work, including the 1977 rare disco gem "Spandisco", 1978's "Rhythm Of Life" and "Black Widow Woman". Unfortunitely, due to a lack of support by their label, Arista, the group lost steam, and Zager decided to shelve anymore Afro Cuban Band releases. However, before it was all said and done, disco helped discover another great producer in Michael Zager.

Love Childs Afro Cuban Blues Band - Spandisco

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Gold Code said...

Among Zager's best work-LOVE this one, THANK YOU!!