Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Body Lovin' Music

In 1979, German disco label Strand released Gepy & Gepy's classic Body to Body LP. This was a project that was arranged by Geoff Bastow who has helped produce numerous disco classics while working with groups like Munich Machine, Giorgio Moroder, Boney M., and K.I.D., along with playing guitar/keyboards on many of Donna Summer's early recordings. This record includes some solid cuts like "African Love Song", "Machine Man", "Zero", and the titled track "Body To Body". Like many disco projects, this project's life span was short lived with this one LP release, which also included a couple of 12-inch singles. A solid record that fit's nicely into any disco lover's collection.

Gepy & Gepy - African Love Song
Gepy & Gepy - Body To Body

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Bobby said...

That walrus got game.

christopher keyz said...

body to body is one of my top ten of all time - silly good

Gold Code said...

wow, someone had the balls to blog this-worrrrd. A silly, guilty pleasure-worth acquiring for the cover alone =)