Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moving Like A Superstar

German female disco-soul diva, Gitta Walther has helped contribute to an all-star collection of classic disco records. In the mid to late 1970's she added backing vocals to records released by Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Munch Machine, and Amanda Lear. Under the aliase Jackie Robinson (Obviously not the baseball player) Walther released a couple great disco 12-inch singles off of Ariola records in 1975 titled Pussyfooter and Moving Like A Superstar. She later released an LP that including also included these singles titled I'm Different. Most of her music recieved a solid backing from the same German musicians that helped produce the music for the well-known disco group Silver Convention. After this record, Walther went back to doing backing vocals before she eventually disapeared from the disco world. Her vocal contributions can't be ignored however, being a part of some of disco's finest records.

Jackie Robinson - Moving Like A Superstar

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