Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Nightlife Is In You

Recently, while doing my usual weekend record bin shopping, I picked up a copy of Nightlife Unlimited's 1979 debut self-titled LP. The album's artwork was the first thing that caught my attention, as well as being released off the legendary disco label Casablanca. However, after listening to the record, I found that the artwork wasn't the only great part of the LP. The album features four solid disco tracks produced by Canadian producer's George Cucuzzella and Peter Di Milo who also helped produced the Erotic Drum Band' records. The music falls in line with that lovely French disco sound, a la Cerrone, Don Ray, and Alec R. Costandinos. Nightlife Unlimited saw some success when they recruited Mike Pabone and Steve Thompson to remix "Love Is In You" and "Dance, Freak And Boogie" for a 12" single. Unfortunitely there success came at the tail end of the disco explosion and the groups "disco run" seemed to come to an end, however, not before producing some classic disco gems. Definitely a nice find on a Sunday afternoon.

Nightlife Unlimted - Love Is In You

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Enrique said...

Holy shit. How has this song never been in my life before tonight?

American Athlete said...

That's the same thing I thought when I picked up the record. Why have I not heard of this until now? The whole LP sounds pretty close to this single, so I highly recommend finding this record.

Enrique said...

TJ: The synth intro that's only present during the first :45 SCREAMS for a re-edit. I could listen to that riff over and over... I dare you. I double-dare you.