Monday, January 14, 2008

Love Is The Answer

A track that I've been enjoying a lot lately as well as ending my last few DJ nights with is Cerrone's "Love is the Answer", off of his classic 1977 LP Supernature. I feel like this uplifting disco gem often get's forgotten about on this record, probably due to the popularity of the album's other singles "Supernature" and "Give Me Love". Don't get me wrong, every track on this LP is amazing as well as some of Cerrone's finest work, however from the ending of the second to last track "Love Is Here" into "Love Is The Answer", provide to be one the most memorable moments on this classic record.

Cerrone - Love Is The Answer

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jeremy said...

Yup. Great effin' track.
Loves me some Cerrone.
Speaking of Cerrone, did you ever hear the Bob Sinclair tribute?
I've been meaning to check it out forever.

American Athlete said...

I actually own the Bob Sinclair tribute, it's pretty good, basically just different mixes of some of Cerrone's best stuff.

A Pyrex Scholar said...

gotta love cerrone!

Enrique said...

Agree that the Bob Sinclar Cerrone remix thing is pretty cool and worth getting. Down here in LA, the Virgin Megastore closes today and marked down all their inventory the day after Christmas. The first thing I stocked up on were CD releases of Cerrone's first 5 albums, all of which I love but have worn out on vinyl... Cerrone is the man. I remember being blown away hearing Love in C Minor as a kid; and to this day still consider the full 16-minute version to be one of my all time favorite songs. "Susie, he's looking at you..."