Friday, January 11, 2008

Million Dollar Disco

We are only a couple of weeks into 2008, however, I've already found my favorite new record of 2008. The Million Dollar Orchestra, which is a project put together by UK producer Al Kent, has just released a new full-length LP entitled, Better Days, and the record is nothing short than brilliant. At first listen you might be asking yourself if this is a disco reissue from 1976, however this record is as new as Radiohead's "In Rainbows" record(which is also really good, I might add). Kent put together a large group of musicians to record two years of compiled original material with the hope of producing a record that sounds like it came straight out of the '70's. After a few listens, you can say that Mr. Kent definitely "hit it on the head" here, with Better Days, putting together a very solid disco production. The record definitely has a 70's analogue disco feel that's very dancefloor friendly. The music includes multiple female vocals, keys, strings, solid bass grooves, funky percussion, and a horn section. The whole eight track record is pretty exceptional, with my favorite cuts being "Doncha Wanna Get Down", "Get It Boy", and "Keep On Doin' Whatcha Doin' ". I know it's way to early in the year to be having "record of the year" discussions, however The Million Dollar Orchestra's Better Days LP can at least already be a strong candidate in my mind. If your a fan of Brooklyn's Escort, you'll definitely enjoy this. Nice work!

The Million Dollar Orchestra - Keep On Doin' Whatcha Doin'
The Million Dollar Orchestra - Doncha Wanna Get Down
(MP3 Samples per request from the artist, Go Buy The Album!)

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DannyBlue said...

This is great thank you - will have to go buy a copy

Al Kent said...

Mate, seriously, if you need to post MP3s, at least post only clips!!!

American Athlete said...

Hey Al, I will create music samples of the links, pre your request. The record sounds great and even though I gave away these two tracks, I think the exposure will pay off in people discovery the record and buying the vinyl version as well as the rest of the mp3 tracks.

Thanks for checking in, this record is one of the best new album's I've heard in a long time.

Al Kent said...

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it. But exposure will be just as good with only a minute sample : )

Christoff said...

Thanks for posting this. I did download the two tracks and gave them quite a few listents.

As a result of this I went out yesterday and picked up a copy of the CD. Proof that sharing music leads to purchases!

Debector: said...

Killer !!!!
old skool disco at its best.