Thursday, January 17, 2008

Treat Me Like a Woman

Another great disco track that I discovered this past year, thanks to last year's excellent German disco compilation Disco Deutschland Disco, was Jackie Carter's 1976 single "Treat Me Like A Woman". This nicely produced disco track was written by Jackie's then-lover Frank Diez, who at the time was one of Germany’s most prolific guitar players, working with artists like Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder. In "Treat Me Like A Woman", Diez along with Producer Dieter Dierks and song arranger Peter Herbolzheimer do their best Giorgio Moroder impression in putting together a classic disco gem. Another rare find from Germany's past disco scene.

Jackie Carter - Treat Me Like A Woman

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the saucer people said...

I was searching in vain for the Jackie Carter 'Treat Me Like A Woman' album on the interweb (I only realised a few months ago she was part of Silver Convention!) but I did find someone had posted her amazing version of the Stones 'Paint It Black' from 1978 which she released as a single...

Don't know if you have heard it or not but if not its well worth checking out.

Its not perfect quality at 192 but its the best version I could find: